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Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Ravenheart from Fishguard, UK -- Metal / Heavy Rock / Hard Rock

RAVENHEART from from Fishguard, UK
Genres: Metal / Heavy Rock / Hard Rock
Members: Sean-Lead guitarist, Ants-Bass guitarist, Duncan-Vocals and rhythm guitar, Lyn-Drummer.

About Ravenheart
Our official band photographer is Scott Taylor of Scott Taylor Photography.

Heavy Metal Band started out in 2004 with Ants, Duncan and Sean they have been writing and performing music together over the last 7.5 years. Initially Ants, Duncan and Sean and 2 other members who left the band in 2010 due to a difference in creative input, musical technique and commitment to the Ravenheart concept of music.
In 2011 Lyn Lewis joined the band and in 2012, Linda, Sean’s wife recommended Joel, so Lyn brought Joel to the band in June 2012. The combination of all 5 musicians changed the focus, musical dynamic and the direction of the band. They realised that they had everything musically, in terms of songs, ability to perform, the expertise to write and generate new material and the music they create has pulled the band together to a solid, tight knit sound that is unique. They now gel like they never did before and now is the time for Ravenheart to move forward and realise that their music must go out to the World for everyone to hear and enjoy.
Ravenhearts’ music is a mix of heavy metal, hard rock with punk/jazz and mythical undertones that reflect their own life experiences and events on going in the world. The lyrics are deeply soulful, passionate and have a hard-core earthy yet melodic ‘..oomph..’ that can resonate with almost everyone. The music itself, ‘…speaks for itself…’ reflecting their Celtic roots and sense of integrity at all that seems wrong in this world; that are written and performed with heart, bounce and fun that ripples across any audience that listens to them……. Heavy metal fan or not….. I can say this with authority because I was not a heavy metal fan until I heard ‘Big Bad Wolf’. Something touched me deep inside and I knew this band had something. The what , how and why? I am still trying to work it out and another thought…… this is serious dance music for everyone - no matter what your age!
What I can tell you is that maybe you don’t need to understand it but just listen to it, let the music flow through you, over you and up through the souls of your feet, it absorbs you, focuses and uplifts your mood to such an extent that everything else seems trivial! A music genre that can do that gets my vote of confidence and thanks. Really looking forward to working with you Guys, how lucky am I!
Jo Hall - promoter 19/07/2012

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