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Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

We proudly introduce our friend Gary Gabriel with VLAY !


 Hometown: Monterey, CA, US
Genres: Rock / Hard/Metal/Blues
Label: Self produced/Abe Ortiz/ Gary Vlay Gabriel, healingcolors music, Starway
Members: Gary Gabriel -Lead Vocals/ Guitars/ Bass - Abe Ortiz- Bass/Drums/Keyboards/Guitars - John Sorenson- Lead Guitar 
Singer songwriter Gary Vlay Gabriel and songwriter/producer Abram Ortiz bring a mix of hard rock,metal & blues. Our musical goals are to create music that makes you want to bang your head and shake your ass. Gary Vlay Gabriel's undulating cadence at vocals sets Vlays unique style. Along with Abram Ortiz's musical insight & genius producing talents. John Sorenson plays lead guitar on a few songs...Remember Me and Son of Sam.


Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

Semi-Tone Riot (Barry B Green) - Band of the Day !

"The Artist Of The Day" for Friday the 24th.. Is.. Barry B Green singer for.. Semi-Tone Riot .. 
Share Their Pages and Play Their Music, Write Some Friendly Comments, Any Support Is Welcome  !! \m/  THANK YOU and a Happy Weekend to Everyone!!


Since forming in Vancouver in 2010, STR has been able to lay down some solid tracks for their upcoming album. The band is keeping busy with upcoming shows, rehearsals, and Barry is always non-stop with writing new tunes. Catch them this summer rippin it up at a Vancity Venue near you!

Band Members

Barry Green - Songwriter/Lead Vocals/Guitar
Kenny Garcia - Bass
James Brander - Drums
Andrew West - Lead Guitar
Ms. RC-Backup Vocals


Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Danger Vain - Band of the Day !

  DANGER VAIN is our "Artist of the Day" for Today (Wednesday) !
Please feature Danger Vain's Links on your pages.. Play their Songs as much as possible.., take the time and give a like, share their songs with your friends and write some friendly comments.. Any Support is more than Welcome.. You know what to do now ;-))...Thanks Friends !!
Hometown: Red Deer, AB, CA
Genres: Rock / Dance / Blues
Label: unsigned
Members: Maybe YOU!!! Email me and let me know where you fit in...cheers

DANGER VAIN is a refreshing brew of techno elements, a touch of the blues,a diverse range of vocal nuances, and rock and roll guitar power that brings an exciting and colorful groove experience to the listener. Sweet and soulful vocal melodies, heavy guitar riffage and solos, and entrancing groove assaults encompass this artists' diverse and fun-loving musical platform.
Controversial and daring, Danger Vain also explores topics in his music that inspire inner reflection to some, but may also challenge the status quo in others. In a word, "depth" is the goal and passion in Danger Vain's music. Anthems like "Only Human" on Danger Vain's ONLY HUMAN album explore the beauty of humanism and its' authenticity, while other songs like "Psycho Itch" explore the wounding and the healing of it. Of course there are brash innuendo bits like "Tease Me" and "Hound Dog" that explore a different kind of depth, and bring us full circle to the fun loving, sexual, and mischievous nature of what Danger Vain music is all about...
Danger Vain is a musical artist presently residing in Red Deer, Alberta, located in Canada. His passion lies in singing, guitar playing, and composing. Of course the icing on his 'cake' ultimately lies in performing, and connecting with his diverse musical fanbase, which spreads over a few different genres.
Though mainly influenced by both techno and hard rock, Danger Vain's list of musical inspirations is as diverse as it is long. Artists like Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, the Edge, Jimmy Page, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zakk Wilde, Slash, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Skindred, and Yngwie J. Malmsteen, line Danger's guitar heritage.
Vocally, Danger Vain is inspired by artists like Robert Plant, the sadly missed Freddie Mercury, Christina Aguilera, Paul Stanley of Kiss, David Coverdale, Prince, Sting, Madonna, Steven Tyler, Rob Zombie, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Seal, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Steven Perry, Dave Matthews, Ozzy Osbourne, Trent Reznor, and of course, the late great Elvis Presley.
The compositional styling of Danger Vain is expressionistic in its form, and works to combine techno groove with guitar power and a "blues meets raw" vocality.

" I grew up musically during a time when shred was dying, country rock was booming, and the alternative scene was birthing. Techno was still going strong, and I wanted to hit the clubs that had the wildest women, so dance music kind of grew on me. I wouldn't throw down my leather for a Stetson, and I wouldn't pawn off my Ibanez for a Gretsch, so the result became my musical evolution."
Danger is big on writing as well. " I like exploring my humanity when it comes to writing, you know. Sometimes it's something I'm dealing with, or something I'm choosing not to deal with, but you can be sure it's been on my mind before it hits the paper."
An avid conspiracy theorist and anarchist, Danger Vain is not afraid to speak out when it comes to the Status Quo.
"I'm working hard to keep it restrained somewhat... It's hard to touch on the taboo topics in music or in conversation and get the message across when most people are scared to bring them up themselves. Music isn't the purpose for that kind of subject matter, but it can be a comfortable medium for sure..."

Band Profile 

Support and help each other and become the next "Artist of the Day"

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Emma Lee Woodruff - Artist of the Day !


The amazing Emma Lee Woodruff is our "Artist of the Day" for Today (Monday). She has been really supportive since joining -The Indie Musician Listings- group, and has a beautiful voice!!! Below are links to her Facebook pages, where she has posted many places to listen to her songs, and watch her videos!! Show her your Love please, listen and enjoy her songs, and share them with your friends!!!

 Genre: Folk Rock/Indy/Classical

Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter ·  
Sep 2010 to present
Part of this project with some members of The UnderCovered. Some Indy/Rock/Folk originals

Location: Yellow Springs OH

About: Hello everyone! For those of you who might be familiar with the band The UnderCovered, a few of us have been exploring our creativity on the side. (We have a page for our band The UnderCovered as well) This particular page is designated for any member in the band to share their personal originals whether it be a band as a full, or individual, just to organize things a little bit. :-) We hope you enjoy, and pretty please check out our other site. Thank you kindly!

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

CHRISSY SINN - Indie Music Promoter Of The Day !!

"Indie Music Promoter of this Saturday" is CHRISSY SINN !! Every day she works for you and your music.. Today you can give her something back !! Show her your respect, share & like her pages & activities... Thanks a lot !!

Music is my life my passion, focusing primarily on the electric guitar. I'm currently a promoter & "supporter" for Indie bands/artists. I created & maintained/administered a promotional page & a Street Team Leader for the state of MN provided by Management & Record Label for the band "12 Stones" from 12/08-4/10. I independently maintained a heavy metal fan club page in 2008 with approximately 20,000 fans. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!! :)
Loud N Loaded 

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Kimmy B Shade - "The Stranger between... It's Me !

Hello Fellows and Friends, I m proud to announce that our work for the second album...prospective title: "The Stranger between... It's Me" is full in progress... Over the half of the songs for my new album already finished and recorded.. here are the tracklist so far:

(random order)
  • World of Fantasy
  • Awake
  • Perfect Girl
  • Hold Me Now
  • Can You Hear Me
  • Memories - If I Knew
  • Changes
  • Because Of You
  • All I Know
  • Life (Raise Your Voice)
to be continue...
Hometown: Bremen, DE
Genres: Pop / Pop / Rock / Heavy Rock, Lyrics
Members: Kimmy B Shade (voc), Ecki (composer, arrangements - producer) 

Singer,Bookwriter, Musicpromoter for independent musicians; 
Music, writing song lyrics and stories, singing and performing has always been a vitally important part in Kimmy’s life. And although life has thrown her some ‘curve balls’ in the past, she has always remained a creative soul, drawing from these experiences for her writing and music, processing impressions and feelings like this since her childhood in northern Germany. She has covered numerous –not only - female singers that were like minded in lyrics and style. In order to continue her love affair with the stage, Kimmy has always taken advantage of and accepted offers to perform live. It’s through the fantastic collaboration with Ecki Ziehn, (Studio 11 – composer, producer, manager) that the opportunity has presented itself for her to blaze her own trail and to set her own thoughts and ideas to music. Fortunately, musical preferences vary widely. But what matters the most to Kimmy is the profound honesty within the music. O-Ton: “I want to touch people with my music and relate a certain closeness … All those things that are difficult to expess in real life, I want to believably interpret without coming across as insincere or fake.” And this is exactly what her emotional lyrics express. Thoughtful and critical at times. Dreamy and full of fantasy or even sad at other times. Kimmy’s songs usually deal with her own experiences, dreams, fears, opinions and impressions. Not unlike what most people have experienced at one point or another but never dared to make public? Out from the SHADE – finally arrived …. Kimmy B Shade@2010 ---- (Thanks a lot to : Tanja) 


KBM Publish (My Promotion Page for Indie Artists)
Sound Tuning Studio (Agent 4 You - Franz Holzhauser)
Distribution & Newsletter

IMMT Records (Artist)

Blessing Ngel - Artist of the Day !!

 "Artist of the Day" for Today (Friday) is BLESSING NGEL !! 

Show her your support please, enjoy the songs, talk about it and share her pages with your friends !! Thanks a lot and Happy Friday to Everyone !!

Hometown: , NG
Genres: Pop / Afro Pop / Hip Hip 
Ngel is a songwriter,composer and performer, Her genre is basically Pop,R&B,Hip Hop and a little bit of High Life she's made up of striking vocal and strong lyrics, the type you' ll surely fall for. Ngel has uniqueness in her style of writing and composing, and his electrifying fusion of local and foreign content in her works proved his versatility. Her works are fused with melody, rhythm,energy and funk. 

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Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Künstlervorstellung - KADANANKA

KADANANKA - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Keyboarder/DJ/Producer/Arranger/Sounddesigner/VJ 

Hometown: Tenerife, ES
Genres: Rock / Metal / Electronica / Darkcore / Other
Label: KADANANKA music,artistas del mundo

Kadananka, hier auf der Insel Teneriffa auch Andy genannt, ist Musiker, Songwriter, Keyboarder, Gitarrist und Sounddesigner der schon einige Jahre auf der Insel bekannt ist. Seine Musikrichtung geht über Darkcore, Rock, Metal, Electronic sowie auch leiseren gefühlvollen Tönen. Über ein Jahr die Nummer 1 auf den Reverb Nation Rock Charts von Teneriffa...

Astrum Ortus - Band of the Day !

ASTRUM ORTUS is our "Artist of the Day" for Today (Thursday) !! Pls. show them your best possible support.. Share their links at Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and wherever you can spread the word.. Play their tunes more often than possible.. Any Support is more than Welcome.. THANK YOU !! 
Hometown: Hahnville, LA, US
Genres: Rock / Alternative Rock / Singer/Songwriter
Label: Unsigned
Members: Dorian Mcneely, David Gamble and Michael Harvey 

Astrum Ortus is a Rock band formed in 2010. Members include Dorian Mcneely on Vocals and Rhythm guitar, David Gamble and Michael Harvey on Lead Guitar, Superior drummer 2.0 on Drums , David Gamble on bass, Recording and Production by Darren Laine, David Gamble and Michael Harvey.


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Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

DecembeR - Band Introduction

Copacabana, NSW, AU   Alternative / Acoustic / Rock 
DecembeR was conceived one long, summer afternoon by Jay Minogue and Rob Price, two former members of local punk band, 3 In A Row. After much discussion, consultation, re-writing, and general thrashing out an acoustic duo emerged with a rich acoustic sound, dark, haunting lyrics and strong vocal harmonies...that was in 2010.
After releasing their completely self produced debut album in late, 2010 performing many gigs around Sydney/Newcastle/Central Coast region, they welcomed another former...

Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Gun Barrel - Album Releasetermin steht fest !!

Gun Barrel   |  Cologne, NW, DE   |  Metal / Dirty Metal Rock 'n' Roll
Members: Patrick, Rolf, Toni, Tomcat

Der Releasetermin des neuen Albums steht fest!

 „BRACE FOR IMPACT“ wird am 23. März 2012 über Massacre Records veröffentlicht und kann jetzt schon bei oder bei uns vorbestellt werden. Hier lang um vorab reinzuhören.

Pünktlich zum Release kannst du uns am 25. März 2012 auf der Metalbörse in Köln, Live Music Hall, zur Autogrammstunde treffen.

Wir haben natürlich neue T-shirts für dich im Gepäck. Das BRACE FOR IMPACT Merchandise kannst du jetzt schon tragen. Ansehen, bestellen, glücklich werden.

CU on the road

*****english version****

our new album BRACE FOR IMPACT will be released on 23th of March, by Massacre Records. You can preorder it via or our homepage. Click here to prelisten.

We also have new shirts for you. You can wear the BRACE FOR IMPACT collection right now. Look, order, get lucky.

CU on the road

Rock-City Uster, ZH, CH Fri Feb 17 12 08:00 PM  
Metalvetia Metalclub Herisau, CH Sat Feb 18 12 08:00 PM  
JUZ Live Club Andernach, RP, DE Fri Mar 16 12 07:00 PM  

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Bandpromotion - Sexto Sonar (VE)

Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Crawley - "High and Low" available @ CDBaby

(Louisville, KY, US        Rock / Progressive Rock / alternative)
Crawley,, is a group of seasoned musicians, songwriters, and entertainers. Chuck Mingis(lead guitar,songwriter) and Mike Huettig(drums, backing vocals,keys) toured the country and recorded with Days of the New before joining forces with Bill Goins(bass, backing vocals,engineering) to form Freedom and Whiskey. Subsequently releasing 6 cds and selling them all over the world. Eric Crawley(Lead vocals,guitar), a stand up comedian and former singer/guitarist with Sons of the Bluegrass, adds a new twist to an already eclectic group of professional musicians. A plethora of songwriters and entertainers is what you get. "High and Low", is an album you can't afford to miss!!

Dogs On Lead suchen neuen Sänger !!


Die Jungs rund um die Hardrock Combo von Dogs on Lead aus Hildesheim suchen einen neuen Sänger, um auch Live wieder durchstarten zu können.
Vocalisten scheut euch nicht mit Christoph in Kontakt zu treten ;-))!!

Christoph  (@)