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Freitag, 2. März 2012

Flying Through the Air - Tom Pulse feat. Fit4Funk - Jetzt Vorbestellen !!

 TOM PULSE auf Musicload!!

Flying Through the Air von Tom Pulse feat. Fit4Funk zum Musik Download - MP3 Album mit 31:01 min - M
Jetzt günstig Flying Through the Air von Tom Pulse feat. Fit4Funk als Musik downloaden! Dance MP3


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Tom Pulse has been playing a quite important role within the dance music sector for the past fifteen years but always using different project names.

In 2007 he eventually decided to release his works as Tom Pulse. The first release If Only I Could (as Tom Pulse vs Sydney Youngblood) with Kontor Records made it to the Top 80 of the German single charts. With his single “Cuando (floresca el chuno)“ he was really successful in Scandinavia: The single went right to the Top 30 of the sales charts, and every radio station played it as the Scandinavian summer hit 2010.

His single “Taka Taka” is a collaboration with the two Spanish musicians Fino & Gabriel, but actually it originates from France.Since the 70’s it has been covered only three times and everytime it was among the Top 5 of the French sales charts.

Midsummer has just begun - with Tom Pulse and his version of Taka Taka it should last quite a long time.

In 2011 two singles could enter top ranks of several charts: "Tom Pulse vs. E-Wok (+John van Dongen, Ron van den Beuken & MC Hugie Babe, who was the former rapper of the Klubbheads ) - go back 2 the oldschool " and "Hip Flip" (a cover version of Kool and the gang´s hit "let´s go dancin".

the story continues ........ 


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