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Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Longhair Production - Las Vegas US

Music Management International

Longhair Productions offer a full range of promotional Services and we strive to personalize our services to best meet the needs of our Artists. 

We guarantee to get the maximum exposure for a very affordable price! We are looking for more artists to join the roster! 


Brad Parker - Rock- Lakeland, FL  

Broken Wing - Rock - Portland, OR

I&SON - Pop - Zilina, SK

Galvanized - Hardrock / Alternative - Springfield, MO, US

John Harvey (Harvey Tunes) - Rock - Midlothian, VA, US

Mitch Tru - Indie - Savannah, GA

mr spoon - Rock - Swansea, WLS, UK

Northlander - Americana / Alt-Country / Roots - Ottawa, ON, CA

One - Rock / Hard Rock - Montreal, QC, CA

Southern Experience - Country / Southern Rock / Country Rock - Kings Mountain, NC

Xakestar - Metal / Doom/Gothic - Falun, SE



This Week's    ...     Indie Musicians Listing's ...    Certificate Of Appreciation ...    Is Awarded To     Kevin Dunham   of Longhair Productions ... Kevin has been one of our best supporters in the IML ... He Always Shares the Artist Links And gets personally involved with Any subject and discussion in the group ... Please stop by his page to say Thanks !!! \m/ 




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