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Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Listen, Like, Share - Promotion Network !!


This is a networking outlet for ALL facebook pages. We want to bring musicians, bands, businesses, organizations all TOGETHER. As a business owner and musician, we know on Facebook that it's all about exposure and helping out your fellow pages. THIS is the page for that. We will help out as many pages as we can! THAT is our goal.

This is an equal opportunity for all pages! You will not be turne
d away for the products you sell (unless it's illegal), genre you play, or your beliefs. We are ALL equal here, no one is better than any one else.

We do NOT allow bullies/"trolls" here! If you make ANY rude or cruel comments on our posts or our fans posts, you will AUTOMATICALLY be BANNED! NO EXCEPTIONS! We Spread LOVE, NOT Hate!

If you would like to be promoted, please share your page/links on the wall ♥ It's that simple.

- Tonka - 

 Together We Can Grow !! Spread the words and Share the Links !!
Any Support Is Very Welcome !!
Thank You !!

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