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Sonntag, 11. November 2012

DRAGONFYRE - Rock / Metal / Alternative Rock

KBM Promotion proudly presents :


Home: Saskatoon, SK, CA 
Genre: Rock / Metal / Alternative Rock

Members: STUDIO: Trent Morley - ALL bass, guitars, vocals and drum programing and production. LIVE: Trent Morley - Bass/Vocals, ??? - guitar, ??? - drums
Sounds Like: Mötorhead, Danko Jones, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden
Manager: KBMP International (Promotion)

DRAGONFYRE is the pet project of Canadian bassist Trent Morley Oleksuik. It's aimed at just getting song ideas out and seeing what kind of sound and vibe comes across. Tired of the 'watered down' perfection type of recording abundant in fm radio hard rock of today saturating the airwaves, DRAGONFYRE goes in a direction of the past in a more 'stripped down' kind of sense..just guitar, bass, drums and vocals in a 'rehearsal' kind of atmosphere. What you hear is what you get...basically, it's all about doing what you do and finding your own niche..that is where DRAGONFYRE is coming from. It's raw, it's real...nuances are ALL left in and pitch correction and 'cut/paste' routines that are abundant in today's scene have absolutely NO place's the nuances and realism in a 'live' performance that gives bands and musicians their identity...There used to be a time in rock and roll where bands had their own sound, their own style and weren't 'manufactured' off an assembly line with the cropped haircuts, t shirt and jeans, same compressed sounding cd's and the like only to make some record company a buck or 2..people did what they did because it was who THEY are..not what someone else wanted them to be...and that is where this project is coming from in a sense...being what Trent Morley sees himself writing and talking about within his songs..A bit of life experience, fantasy, and realism..

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