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Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Kimmy B Shade - "The Stranger between... It's Me !

Hello Fellows and Friends, I m proud to announce that our work for the second album...prospective title: "The Stranger between... It's Me" is full in progress... Over the half of the songs for my new album already finished and recorded.. here are the tracklist so far:

(random order)
  • World of Fantasy
  • Awake
  • Perfect Girl
  • Hold Me Now
  • Can You Hear Me
  • Memories - If I Knew
  • Changes
  • Because Of You
  • All I Know
  • Life (Raise Your Voice)
to be continue...
Hometown: Bremen, DE
Genres: Pop / Pop / Rock / Heavy Rock, Lyrics
Members: Kimmy B Shade (voc), Ecki (composer, arrangements - producer) 

Singer,Bookwriter, Musicpromoter for independent musicians; 
Music, writing song lyrics and stories, singing and performing has always been a vitally important part in Kimmy’s life. And although life has thrown her some ‘curve balls’ in the past, she has always remained a creative soul, drawing from these experiences for her writing and music, processing impressions and feelings like this since her childhood in northern Germany. She has covered numerous –not only - female singers that were like minded in lyrics and style. In order to continue her love affair with the stage, Kimmy has always taken advantage of and accepted offers to perform live. It’s through the fantastic collaboration with Ecki Ziehn, (Studio 11 – composer, producer, manager) that the opportunity has presented itself for her to blaze her own trail and to set her own thoughts and ideas to music. Fortunately, musical preferences vary widely. But what matters the most to Kimmy is the profound honesty within the music. O-Ton: “I want to touch people with my music and relate a certain closeness … All those things that are difficult to expess in real life, I want to believably interpret without coming across as insincere or fake.” And this is exactly what her emotional lyrics express. Thoughtful and critical at times. Dreamy and full of fantasy or even sad at other times. Kimmy’s songs usually deal with her own experiences, dreams, fears, opinions and impressions. Not unlike what most people have experienced at one point or another but never dared to make public? Out from the SHADE – finally arrived …. Kimmy B Shade@2010 ---- (Thanks a lot to : Tanja) 


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