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Montag, 25. Juni 2012

TONKA DONIUS - Artist of the Day !

The Indie Musicians Listing's  &  KBM Publish Promotion (Germany) proudly present:

The Indie Musicians Listings' .. Artist of The Day .. For Monday June 25th is .. Tonka aka.. Tonka Donius .. Tonka has been a great IML member and shows us all how to appreciate music from all genre's !! Please Share His Links And Play His Music As Much As You Can !! \m/ 

Hometown: Brick, NJ, US
Genres: Other / Hip Hop / Rock
Members: Tonka - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, 
and Reason 3.0 - ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW!:

A New York native from Shaolin's, Parkhill Projects. Tonka started rhymin with his cousin (Dennis R.I.P.) when he was about 13 years old and fell in love with it. He started working with producers, writing songs and co producing tracks at a very young age, and as he got older he started taking music more serious. Always curious in learning different aspects of music he got his own equipment and started making beats with his long time friend Jah Star. Tonka has produced tracks for local hip hop artists in Shaolin such as S.I.C., Vandalize, Desert Eagle and more. He has since moved to N.J. but still calls Shaolin home. You can always catch him saying (I'll always be a New Yorker).Since moving he has recreated his style by learning how to play live instruments, he mixes rock and bass guitars with pounding hip hop drums and street influenced lyrics into a style he calls Street Metal. Not afraid to play his guitar clean or distorted, capturing a diverse audience. For Tonka, making music is more than just writing songs, it's about bringing all types of people together to enjoy the same thing. He does'nt cater to just one crowd, his fans come from all walks of life. Being very open minded musically is what keeps him different, where as most people listen to whatever type of music they do, Tonka listens to everything from the softest classical music, to the heaviest metal. Album available now at:

 If you like Tonka's Music, please buy it !!



This group is to help promote Unsigned and Indie Artists... The members of this group are all Musicians,Promoters,DJ's and Music supporters there's many great Contacts to make..So feel free to share and Please Support Each Other !!! We are here to make this group different than All The Rest !! Work together and please don't fill the wall with "Spam" !! We Will Like your pages.. Be Respectful and Like Others !!! \m/
          "Artist of the Day, June the 25th."

Some Infos -HOW TO BECOME .. The Indie Musician's Listings- "ARTIST OF THE DAY "

via Morbid North: I have been asked many times ..How to become an Artist Of The Day... Everyone who participates Has been added to a list... We cannot check to see who plays songs for the AOTD.. However We Can See Who Shares The Other Artists !! As we decide who will be next... We will check your pages.. Please Be Sure to Share the AOTD.. Or We Won't Know If You Are Participating !! \m/
More great artists on "THE I M L - PLAYLIST" here :
 Together We Can Grow !! Spread the words and Share the Links !!
Any Support Is Very Welcome !!
Thank You !!

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