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Montag, 16. April 2012

"ONE" from Montreal, QC, CA -- Rock / Hard Rock

KBM Promotion (Germany) proudly presents:

"ONE" from Montreal, QC, CA
Genres: Rock / Hard Rock
Label: unsigned
Members: Danny Rossi (Vocals), Chris Staniforth (Guitars), Rudy Occhionero (Drums), Phil Hardy (Bass)

When you think of the band ONE, the words determination, driven, and hard working come to mind. In a day and age where talent isn't enough, this band knows there is only one way to succeed, HARD WORK!

Following the release of their second album "Dirty Valentine", ONE has spent the better part of the last 2 years on the road, taking the music to the people. Crossing North America countless times and selling thousands of their 2 releases in the process. "This life is not for everyone", explains guitarist Chris Staniforth. "Surviving on the road is definitely something that you learn to do, and that is where you find success".

From member changes to tours not always going as expected ONE has been through the ups and downs. "The changes were by far the best decisions we ever made. They brought new energy and a feeling of complete chemistry that was definitely lacking early on", explains Singer Danny Rossi.

Having peaked at #77 on Les Palmares (quebec version of the Billboard charts) and also having won an award for Rock song of the Year in 2009 for "Today Will Last Forever", as well as being one of the most active independent touring bands in the last couple of years, ONE is showing no signs of slowing down. " We are committed to this, we love this, this is all we know. We have worked for a living, but now we live to work. It is so much more fulfilling when you see something you have been working on grow the way this has" explains Rossi.

Going through the ups and downs that the music industry is famous for delivering is what has motivated ONE since day one. "You reach a point where nothing surprises you anymore", adds Staniforth. "It is almost like you expect things to go wrong and when they don't you consider it a victory. Everything becomes a part of the adventure, you just have to try to appreciate the experience".

Survival is also a word that will remind you of a band that has had so many reasons to give up on this. "It has been tough, but no sacrifice goes unrewarded. Once you make a decision to commit to something, nothing should ever stand in your way". Adds Staniforth

Judging by their history it seems we should be expecting a new release in the very near future. "We have been working on new material, we just don't stop touring. We need to get back to all of us in a room and get back to work". Says Drummer Rudy Occhionero. "A lot has happened since the last record, in our lives and in the world. So, we have no shortage of motivation and things to write about". adds Occhionero.

Keep a close eye out for a new release or ONE in your city near you as the band continues to write new chapters in their history with every passing tour and accomplishment.

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