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Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

Tonka Donius - Please Vote for him on Untappedradio !!

Our Good Friend .. Tonka Donius ..Is in a contest on .. Please Vote for him .. To be in the top ten !! \m/

This is Tonka’s first release! The EP has a nice balance between Hip-Hop and Rock that doesn’t take too much away from either genre. He is currently working on his second release which will be a full length LP. EP Also available on iTunes:
released 26 December 2011
All songs written, produced and performed by Tonka. All instruments played by Tonka.
By Any Means Necessary: Written and performed by Tonka and Black Diamond.
Project X-Mas: Written by Tonka, chorus performed by SB.
Guitar Freestyle: Rhythm guitar performed by Angelo.
Cover design done by Sam from Sinthetic Artwork.
For music updates and more check out Tonka at
Album also available on iTunes:


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