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Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Angel Steel from Vancouver, WA, US - Metal / Rock / Hair Metal

A female fronted four piece heavy metal band from the West coast.
Angel Steel has been rockin' for years and has released numerous songs and albums. They have rocked stages both big and small across the United States and in 2012 will be expanding their touring to other countries as well.
This is a straight up rock band and believes strongly in everything that this statement implies. No day jobs - they are not out to save the whales - they don't try to 'fit in' to the local cliques or mold and shape themselves into one of the twenty new genres that seem to pop up each week. They Rock...and Rock Hard!
For them it's all about screaming guitars, Marshall stacks and double kicks - it's 'in your face' - ass kickin' heavy metal - it's loud - it's heavy and worth the price of admission every time!
They are not a tribute to anyone...they don't play cover tunes...they write and record their own music and work tirelessly to perfect their craft. No wigs - no makeup - no gimics! They Rock Arena Style!
They have brought back the lost art of the 'True Rock Concert' and the fans are taking notice! So, if you miss the kick ass rock shows of the past - check out Angel Steel in concert in a town near you and get your Heavy Metal Fix! \\m// Horns High Metal Heads!

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